Intimidating dog collars


It is important that you get the correct size of crate for your dog.

The most important thing is the dog’s size rather than the weight.

Will you be using the dog crate primarily at home – As a part of the furniture, or will you be using it to transport your dog on a camping trip?

There are a few dog crates on the market today that is both heavy duty and collapsible making them ideal travel crates.

We will focus primarily on indoor and travelling dog cages (or crates) and helping you to choose the best crate for an escape artist dog.

We will cover heavy duty dog kennels in another article.

It is just a fact of dog ownership that some breeds are incredibly powerful animals which can use their strong jaws to destroy anything that gets in their way.Crates are also useful as the few hotels that can accept dogs do so on the basis that the dog is kept in a crate.


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